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Advantages of quartz countertops

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Small grains quartz stone is one of the common cabinet countertops, and acrylic, stainless steel, and other countertops are also more common. So how about quartz countertops? Let us introduce the advantages of quartz countertops.

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Advantages of quartz countertops

The color of the quartz countertop

How to maintain quartz countertops?

Advantages of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops have high hardness, which is second only to diamonds in nature. Quartz countertops are resistant to high temperatures and have a melting point above 1300°. The high-purity small grains quartz stone in quartz countertops is completely flame-retardant. Quartz countertops are compact and non-porous composite materials manufactured under vacuum conditions. Therefore, the surface of quartz countertops has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. In addition to the above, quartz countertops are also impact-resistant and easy to It has advantages such as cleanliness, and in this era of environmental protection at home, quartz countertops do not contain radioactive elements that are harmful to the human body, so they are favored by many families.

The color of the quartz countertop

1. The white quartz countertops that we see most nowadays are not only because the white quartz countertops look good and can be versatile, but also because the white quartz countertops are easy to take care of and look neater.

2. Since ancient times, China has respected yellow as a status symbol. The light yellow quartz countertops can be matched with a variety of colors to produce satisfactory results.

3. The blue quartz countertop is more fresh and elegant under the natural cover, and it is full of decorative flavor, which is especially suitable for white-collar workers who work hard. The blue quartz countertop can also have unexpected effects when matched with other colors.

4. The red quartz countertop is most appropriate for young married couples, which not only reflects the strong and bold personality of the owner but also shows the youth's vigor and luxury. According to another test, the application of red quartz countertops in the cabinet can make the appetite peak.

5. The coffee-colored quartz countertop is a color between black and white. Compared with other bright colors, it may not be very brilliant, but it matches well with brightly colored cabinets.

How to maintain quartz countertops?

1. During the operation, try to avoid scratching the quartz countertop with sharp objects. Regardless of the countertop you choose, you should cut vegetables and prepare food on the cutting board. In addition to avoiding knife marks on the countertop, it can also damage the blade. Achieve better sanitation. Keep the quartz countertop as dry as possible, keep the quartz countertop clean, try not to soak the quartz countertop for a long time or accumulate water, and keep the quartz countertop clean and dry.

2. Strictly prevent corrosive chemicals from contacting quartz countertops. Try to avoid touching the quartz countertops with corrosive chemicals in daily life. If you accidentally touch them, immediately wash the surface of the quartz countertops with plenty of soapy water or consult relevant professionals.

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