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How to maintain the sintered stone vanity top?

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The sintered stone vanity top is used frequently in family life, and the most frequently used place in the bedroom is the sintered stone vanity top. Long-term use will bring certain damage to the sintered stone vanity top, which will also bring about later cleaning and maintenance. Come to a certain amount of trouble. Sintered stone is an artificial stone product. In a certain sense, some household cleaning tools will damage the countertop to a certain extent. Let me explain the maintenance misunderstandings of sintered stone vanity top cleaning! Introduce how to maintain the dressing table. Then, let's introduce in detail How to maintain the sintered stone vanity top?


Clean up stains

Easy to clean

Avoid overheating and strong beating

Waxing regularly

Clean up stains

The stains on the sintered stone vanity tops must be removed in time, especially those acidic (such as citrus juice, vinegar, and wine) or oily substances. Timely cleaning can ensure that the sintered stone vanity top is in a good state. If the stains are kept for a long time, the sintered stone will be stained or its smoothness will be affected. However, there is no need to worry too much about these situations, because the sintered stone is a mineral matrix that is heated (sintered) to form an impermeable solid material, thereby forming a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or dyed.

Easy to clean

For sintered stone vanity top cleaning, the biggest headache is all kinds of liquid and water stains. However, the cleaning of sintered stone vanity tops is the simplest. You can use clean water and a rag. After cleaning, use a dry towel to dry it. But be careful not to use a wire ball or shovel to scrape during cleaning. Scraping back and forth will easily cause scratches. In case of stubborn stains, soapy water or neutral detergents can be used. Strong detergents, metal cleaners, and stove cleaners are prohibited. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone, strong acid cleaners, etc. But you don't need to worry too much about the scratches on the countertop, because the sintered stone vanity top is a surface that is more resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratches, shocks, and thermal shocks. 

Avoid overheating and strong beating

When using the sintered stone vanity top, do not put high-temperature objects directly or for a long time on the countertop. Excessively high-temperature utensils may damage the surface of the sintered stone. An insulation pad should be placed on the sintered stone vanity top. Don't beat the countertop forcefully, cut, chop, or chop things directly on the countertop. Although the countertop of the sintered stone vanity top is solid and durable, it will also leave unsightly scratches. After use, it should be cleaned with clean water in time to avoid leaving stains.

Waxing regularly

Regular waxing. You can buy special waxes for stone in stone or cabinet stores. You can also use car wax or floor wax. It is best to wax the sintered stone vanity top once in three months, and you can apply it once a month for splicing seams or key locations.

The sintered stone vanity top has the characteristics of heat resistance, acid resistance, scratch resistance, and stain resistance. You only need to pay a little attention to its use in your daily life without excessive maintenance.

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