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Introduction of Luka Roof Tile

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Luka Roof Tiles are the latest masterpiece of our terracotta tiles, designed to meet architectural aesthetics and functional requirements. Luka Roof Tiles are formed by compression molding to hollow out the valley structure. The perfect fit between each piece of Luka Roof Tiles provides a strong guarantee for the waterproof performance of the roof in extreme weather. And the colorful and unique Luka Roof Tiles add a beautiful landscape to the house and are now widely used by the public. So, let's talk about the introduction of Luka Roof Tiles in detail. Here are some answers.


The unique design of Luka Roof Tile.

The construction of Luka Roof Tiles is convenient.

The performance indicators of Luka Roof Tiles are high.

The unique design of Luka Roof Tile.

Compared with the large-sized Roman Roof tiles, the exquisite size design of Luka Roof Tiles is more distinctive, which makes up for the needs of the cottage facing the decorative effect of Italian tiles, and the small area can also be paved with a full shape effect. The appearance of Luka Roof Tiles has a high-arch tile-like detail design, which makes the three-dimensional effect stronger. Moreover, the combination of Chinese and Western styles creates a different kind of roof style, giving customers a brand-new visual impact. At the same time, Luka Roof Tile adopts a deep lock design, which can withstand wind and rain and is easy to install, while ensuring the safety of the overall roof after laying.

The construction of Luka Roof Tiles is convenient.

Luka Roof Tiles are easy to lay and there are many accessories to choose from. Therefore, whether it is modern or traditional, it can be well adapted to any architectural style. The larger size of Luka Roof Tiles not only saves the number of tiles used but also reduces the number of construction accessories and labor costs, to better provide customers with the most economical choice. In addition, the Luka Roof Tiles, which can be laid both vertically and horizontally, bring more convenient and feasible methods to construction.

The performance indicators of Luka Roof Tiles are high.

The structure at the bottom of the valley floor of Luka Roof Tiles is hollowed out, so that rainwater can flow out smoothly without the rainwater backflow phenomenon, which plays a good waterproof role. The anti-leakage performance of the Luka Roof Tile is perfect, the tile valley bottom is affixed to two pieces of cement slurry, and the tile tube does not need to be filled with cement, so the suspended structure makes it have a good heat insulation effect. After installation and construction, Luka Roof Tiles are interlocked with each other so that the entire roof has good stability and airtightness, and has a good sound insulation effect.

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