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Is sintered stone vanity top good?

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Sintered stone vanity top material sintered stone is made of about 5 feet x 11 feet thick plates, which vary in thickness and have higher tensile strength than many other countertop materials on the market. The sintered stone vanity top is particularly suitable for modern design, because it allows designers to continue the solid surface and straight lines, but it is not limited to any style or design trend. Sintered stone vanity tops provide a range of textures and multiple colors to add interest to any space. The reason why sintered stone vanity tops are popular is that any surface treatment, from highly polished to very rough cut edges, is textured. Then, let's introduce in detail Is sintered stone vanity top good?


The most durable surface

Exquisite textures and patterns

Prevent fading

The most durable surface

The material of sintered stone vanity top. Sintered stone is a mineral matrix that is heated (sintered) to form an impermeable solid material, thereby forming a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or dyed. Compared with quartz, sintered stone can shrink because sintered stone makes them difficult in terms of performance. Therefore, although the market is flooded with a large amount of mined quartz, sintered stone has quietly poured in with a series of outstanding advantages. The sintered stone vanity top is made of sintered stone.

Exquisite textures and patterns

The sintered stone vanity top has incorporated texture into its standard palette. The sintered stone casting of the sintered stone vanity top has an inherent texture. Unlike quartz and stone that must be "sandblasted" or processed to create textures, sintered stone has built-in depth, feel, and non-slip properties. The sintered stone vanity top provides different levels of texture, as a dressing table or cladding, giving a warmer feeling.

Prevent fading

Sintered stone vanity top material Sintered stone is made by a kiln firing process that heats (over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit) and applies pressure (5900 psi) to the mineral mixture until they are combined. In short, it integrates the process of forming igneous rocks. Unlike quartz, quartz uses a small amount of resin, which may fade and turn yellow over time, and sintered stone does not fade. The sintered stone vanity top not only has UV stability and chemical resistance but also has the best compressive strength of any similar product on the market. No matter how the temperature and humidity change, the sintered stone has no warpage and no thermal expansion. Not to mention that it is completely non-porous and will not stain.

Sintered stone is a mineral matrix that is heated (sintered) to form an impermeable solid material, thereby forming a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or dyed. Sintered stone vanity tops are manufactured using advanced technology to simulate the formation process of natural stone. For the consistency of color, texture, and quality, minerals and stone particles are carefully selected and then subjected to extreme heat and pressure. This sintering process enables the particles to be permanently bonded without the need for resins and binders.

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