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Our company introduces foreign advanced stone production technology and key equipment, specializing in the production of artificial marble. The main raw material of the product is natural marble scrap content of more than 92%, which retains the noble and elegant characteristics of natural stone. It also has the characteristics of bright color, uniform color, precise size, high finish, compression and wear resistance, good air permeability, environmental protection, and can be refurbished many times. It is an internationally popular green environmental protection decorative material. The annual production capacity exceeds 1.8 million square meters. Our artificial marble has a complete variety of colors, and all the products have been tested and identified by a number of authoritative departments and meet the building materials radiation health protection standards. It is suitable for large-area decoration of hotels, hotels, commercial buildings, airports, stations, subway stations and other places. It is also an ideal material for family room decoration and craft furniture production.

Product details

Conventional specifications: 300*300/600*400/600*600/800*800/1200*600 (mm)

Block specifications: 3250*1650*900 / 3050*1250*850 / 2450*1850*900 / 2450*1650*900 (mm) Applicable to: TR, RS, RG, RB, RH, RF series

Slab specifications: 3200*1600 / 3000*1200 / 2400*1800 / 2400*1600 (mm)

Thickness: 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 (mm)

(Remarks: The thinnest thickness of RB series is 15mm)


Foshan Rongguan Glass Material For building Co., Ltd. is one of the largest building material enterprises in South China, which mainly produces quartz stone, artificial marble and clay roof tile. 



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