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Zhejiang yiwu Traditional Chinese medicine hospital

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Yiwu city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, from the joint trace has been more than 50 years of history, clinic in April 1983, approved by the zhejiang province health department formally established YiWu County TCM hospital, moved to Houston in 1986, in 1988 renamed after withdraw county built city yiwu city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, is a with TCM characteristics, clinical, teaching and scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation for the integration of comprehensive level of first-class hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, national baby-friendly hospitals in zhejiang province, the ministry of health, the international emergency network hospitals, hospital, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine of zhejiang province project priority to the construction of the construction unit, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine "15", "11th five-year plan" key ZhuanBing (stroke) project construction unit, zhejiang stroke medical center, the national rural medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy characteristic specialized construction unit, zhejiang (acupuncture and massage) appropriate technology for grassroots health demonstration base, jiangxi college of traditional Chinese medicine teaching hospital. Total use RongGuan company's RS182 RH165, RS101 items such as stone material used in the shop is stuck on the ground, engineering covers an area of 5500 square, RongGuan Engineered stone make people feeling fine, hard, long brick face highlighted not bleak, sweet and comfortable, make hospital ShuChang clean medical environment. Close to baidu are derived luster, beautiful high and uniform distribution, living space neat and beautiful health.



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