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Zhengzhou international trade 360 square mall

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SAN tin 360 square project is located in JinShuiDong Road with dongfeng south road interchange, adjacent to the central government and high-speed, and is located in zhengzhou zhengzhou within the free trade area green space, the new shopping center part of the will, the project location: landmark zhengdong new district business, a total construction area of 130000 square meters, use RongGuan Company's RS917 / RS918DR108 type of stone for a, second floor public area such as the shop is stuck close to the ground "fashion life" advocate fundamental key. Unlike guomao 360 although the project location is still around "fashion life" as the main tone, but reduces the fast fashion and added more to cover to the tide of parent-child experience life, business and leisure food web celebrity to easy entertainment class formats and become a highlight of the project. In the commercial forms of different floor tie-in and different music styles, two shopping space nest experience, centralized refinement restaurant is a new, SAN tin 360 square green space of another big luminescent spot.



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