How to clean quartz stone countertops ?


Cleaning the quartz stone countertop requires a gentle method to prevent damage to the surface of the quartz stone. Here are some steps to clean the quartz stone countertop:

quartz counter top

Remove surface debris: First, use a soft brush or cloth to remove large pieces of debris, such as debris, food residue, or dust from the countertop.

Use a mild cleaning agent: Choose a mild cleaning agent to clean the quartz stone countertop. Mild detergent, neutral detergent or detergent specially designed for quartz stone can be used. Avoid using acidic cleaners, bleaches, or rough cleaners as they may irritate the quartz surface or cause damage.

Wet cloth cleaning: Pour the cleaning agent onto the wet cloth, and then wipe the entire quartz stone countertop with a damp cloth. Be careful not to pour the cleaning agent directly onto the quartz stone to prevent residues from remaining on the surface.

Remove stubborn stains: For stubborn stains, you can soak a damp cloth in a cleaning agent and cover it with the stain, allowing the cleaning agent to stay on top for a few minutes to soften the stain. Then use a soft brush to gently wipe the stain until it is completely removed.

Cleaning and drying: Use a clean cloth moistened with water to thoroughly wipe the entire quartz stone countertop to remove any residual cleaning agent. Then use a dry cloth to dry the countertop

Please remember to avoid applying excessive pressure or using rough cleaning tools on the quartz stone countertop to avoid scratching the surface. In addition, do not place high-temperature objects directly on the quartz stone countertop, as extreme temperature changes may cause quartz stone cracking or damage.

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