How to handle the quartz stone joint


Everyone should be very familiar with quartz stone, as most residents now use quartz stone on the countertops of their cabinets in their homes. When using quartz stone as a countertop, the installer will splice the quartz stone according to the shape of the countertop. So, how to handle the quartz stone joints?

calacatta quartz stone

1. You can use a manual polishing machine to polish and clean the dust on the surface. Use a special adhesive for stone, and the color of the adhesive should be consistent with the material to solve the problem

2. The control of gaps can be adjusted by cutting or polishing, and the height difference of the board surface can be adjusted by using the * of the bottom pad. Touch the connection with your hand, and slight height differences can be solved by gently polishing with a hand polishing machine

3. Clean the dust on the board surface, mix the special adhesive, and apply it to the joint after the color of the adhesive is basically the same as that of the board. After the adhesive is completely dry, use a polishing pad with a size of 3000 or above and lightly polish it once with water, and the traces of the joint adhesive will not be obvious.

What are the advantages of quartz stone

1. Very wear-resistant

As the time content in Quartzite reaches 94%, the surface hardness reaches 7.5

2. More convenient cleaning

The density of Quartzite is very small, and some oil stains can not penetrate into Quartzite at all, so when there are oil stains, just wipe them with a rag

3. No toxins or radiation

Quartz is a natural mineral, so it does not contain any radioactive metal substances and can come into direct contact with food, so it also does not contain any toxins.

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