our company won the "Class A Honorary Certificate of Tax Credit".


Recently, the Tax Bureau of Sanshui District, Foshan City, the State Administration of Taxation announced the tax credit rating in 2021, and our company won the "Class A Honorary Certificate of Tax Credit".


FOSHAN RONGGUAN GLASS MATERIAL FOR BUILDING CO.,LTD , Specialize in manufacturing the quartz stone , artificial marble , terrazzo stone , clay roofing tiles over 15 years , we are the leading company in this field in China .

The honorary title of "Class A taxpayer" is the recognition and commendation of the tax authorities for the enterprises' honest tax payment and law-abiding operation, and the excellent performance of the enterprises' strict compliance with tax laws and administrative regulations. The title of "Taxpaying Credit Class A" is an important intangible asset for enterprises to participate in market competition, which helps enterprises to enjoy more preferences and convenience in tax services, financing credit, project management, import and export and other fields, and is a necessary condition for enterprises to participate in market competition.

Rongguan has always strictly abided by national laws and regulations, paid taxes according to law, constantly strengthened in-depth study of tax laws and policies, and constantly improved the management system of enterprise tax work. Our company's ability to obtain tax credit grade A is highly recognized by the tax authorities for our company's legal tax payment, honest operation and active social responsibility performance, as well as our tax management. Next, Rongguan Company will take this opportunity to continue to deepen its services, adhere to integrity management, actively play the role of an example of Class A enterprises with tax credit, perform tax obligations according to law and regulations, and make contributions to promoting national economic development!

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